Bowhunters Creed

I firmly resolve, without reservations or equivacation, to uphold the following bowhunting principles.

  • That I will support national, state and provincial regulatory agencies and conservation organizations in the propagation and management of all game.
  • That I will at all times actively support and promote hunting with a bow.
  • That I will abide by current game regulations and at all times conduct myself as a sportsman so as not to bring discredit to the bowhunting fraternity.
  • That I will respect landowner’s rights.
  • That I will assist all bowhunters in locating places to hunt, but i will not impose myself knowingly on another bowhunter.
  • That I will enjoy the challenge of the hunt and will study the habits of the game I hunt.
  • That I will use legal archery equipment and will search long and diligently to track down and recover any wounded game.